Dr. Sulistiawati

Dr. Sulistiawati is one of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine lecturers at Universitas Airlangga. She focuses on a wide-ranged transdisciplinary topics of public health and preventive medicine. She obtained her bachelor, master, and doctorate degree from Universitas Airlangga. She also serves as one of the vice deans of the Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Airlangga.

Several Publications:

  1. Unexpected changes in blood pressure and hematological parameters among fasting and nonfasting workers during Ramadan in Indonesia. L Dewanti, C Watanabe, R Ohtsuka, Sulistiawati. European journal of clinical nutrition 60 (7), 877-881.
  2. Enhancing Knowledge on Prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Training of Trainers (TOT) Approaches during the Pandemic Period. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development. Sulistiawati
  3. Correlation between Climate Factors with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Cases in Surabaya 2007 – 2017. NP Ghaisani, Sulistiawati, ML Lusida. Indonesian Journal of Tropical and Infectious Disease 9 (1), 39-44.
  4. Determinants of Tobacco Smoking Addiction in Rural Indonesian Communities. AK Jovian Philip Swatan, Sulistiawati. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, Article ID 7654360.
  5. Effects of Climatic Factors on The Incidence Rate of Dengue Virus Infection in Surabaya During 2010-1013. WA Putri, A Rohiman, D Puspitasari, Sulistiawati. BIOMOLECULAR AND HEALTH SCIENCE JOURNAL 2 (1), 36-40