Lina Puryanti Ph.D.

Lina Puryanti Ph.D. is one of the English Department lecturers at Universitas Airlangga. Her areas of expertise are area, border, cultural, and urban studies. She obtained her bachelor degree from Universitas Airlangga, master degree from Universitas Indonesia, and PhD from National University of Singapore. Other than her position as the director of AIIOC, she also serves as one of the vice deans of Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga.

Several Publications:

  1. Music and Identity: Immortal Rites’ Art as the Narrative of Contemporary Kejawen Identity. PM Akhtabi, L Puryanti. Harmonia: Journal of Arts Research and Education 22 (2), 268-282
  2. History, education, and border area: An introduction study on education at the Indonesia-Malaysia border, Sebatik Island, North Kalimantan. SB Husain, L. Puryanti, A Setijowati. Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences 42 (4), 947-952.
  3. The enforcement of state territoriality and shifting on borderlanders’ mobility: The case of Indonesia—Malaysia border in Sebatik Island. L Puryanti. Urban Studies: Border and Mobility, 229-232.
  4. A people-state negotiation in a borderland A case study of the Indonesia–Malaysia frontier in Sebatik Island. L Puryanti, SB Husain. Wacana 13 (1), 105-120.
  5. Education for all: A study on education for indigenous people in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. SB Husain, L Puryanti, A Setijowati. Kasetsart Journal Of Social Sciences 42 (3), 623–629-623–629