Collaborating with Watchdoc: Initial Preparations for UNAIR to Host the 13th ICAS

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), which is hosting the 13th International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS), 28 July-1 August 2024, has started its initial preparations. One of several initial preparation plans for holding the ConFes (conference-festival) in Surabaya was taking some footage to prepare the 13th ICAS video teaser.

Airlangga University which AIIOC (Airlangga Institute of Indian Ocean Crossroads) represents pays special attention within the making. Much attention is needed because it would be one of the commercial efforts of UNAIR and AIIOC to reach a wider range of publications related to 13th ICAS.

Collaborate with Watchdoc Producer

UNAIR’s seriousness in preparing the 13th ICAS was shown by the collaboration with Ari Trismana, the producer of Watchdoc production house in the making process of the teaser. Watchdoc itself is a national production house that has gone international. Generally, Watchdoc is well-known as an audio-visual production house and documentary film studio based in Bekasi.

On a national scale, Watchdoc’s involvement in the world of journalism is somehow unbeatable. As quoted on the YouTube channel, this production house has produced at least 165 documentary episodes and 715 television features. At least, the 45 commercial & non-commercial works they have produced had been appreciated with various awards, one of which is the Magsaysay Award touted as the Asia’s Nobel in 2021.

The collaboration of Watchdoc in the 13th ICAS organizing structure represents the multi-disciplinary and collaborative spirit of Universitas Airlangga and AIIOC. As with the involvement of 4 Airlangga University faculties (Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Social and Political Sciences, Public Health and Medicine) in the establishment of AIIOC, Watchdoc’s collaboration proves an effort to create a global academic community that inseparable from society and other stakeholders. “Knowledge production is not only limited by the walls of campus institutions, but also by various initiatives originating from the community who work closely with campuses,” said Lina Puryanti, P.hD, director of AIIOC.