The 13th International Convention of Asia Scholars

Collaborating with IIAS, Universitas Airlangga with AIIOC will host the 13th ICAS on July 28th – August 1st, 2024, in Surabaya, Indonesia. ICAS 13 Surabaya represents AIIOC and IIAS initiative to conduct Asian Academic ConFes (Conference-Festival) in the post-COVID world which has given a significant impact and change in human-life-nature upon contemporary daily life. We are convinced that in spite of the expediency of digital platforms, in-person and place-based academic events are still important, providing a better approach to collaboratively discuss and relate the more global relevance. We (AIIOC) as organizer of this International Convention of Asia Scholars propose to host the meeting in 2024, in Surabaya, amidst the history and reality of the city in Asia, as well as in the maritime route of Indian-Ocean crossroads. Participants will have the opportunity to embed and to engage themselves across local context, regional and disciplinary divides and explore new practices of knowledge production, problem solving, community service and empowerment.